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Have you ever wondered “What am I Doing, & am I making a Difference?”   We have.          

We move physical objects over the Internet.  
Imagine for a moment that you are a company who manufactures overseas.  What if, from your office, you could stop the production line located 4,000 miles away; pick up your product, inspect it, place it back down and restart the line… without leaving your desk. What if you are a name brand and you want the 1.2 billion people on the internet everyday to physically touch your product through the web.


Now, stop imagining and contact us.  It’s what we've been doing since 2009.  We named the technology relevant to what it allows people to do... to Reach-In to an environment  and physically control things. People and companies can physically control their devices or equipment at any time, from anywhere in the world.  We’ve even increased animal adoptions 67% in shelters across the U.S. with something called iPetCompanion


So what do we do?   We move physical objects over the web in real-time.  People of all ages can access parts of the world like never before with physical interaction when a website is enabled with our technology. Learn more by going to our PRESS page and watching a few clips or try it now by hovering over DEMOS in the menu and choose one of the demonstrations. 














Reach-In technology can be applied in many areas: 

  • Medical - triage with expert supervision from anywhere 

  • Education - remote teaching; physical interaction
  • Sports - let fans participate in on-field promotion activities
  • Gaming - real, live games; no animations.  Real Action.
  • Aquariums - swim with the penguins, sharks, and dolphins.  safely.
  • Pets - dog and cat playtime fun 
  • PublicityLet people physically touch your new product from the web 
  • Events - let wedding guests be part of your ceremony from abroad 


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