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Zero delay video distribution

Most "live" video distributed over the web has between a 10 to 20 second encoding process. This means from the time something happens at a live event to the time a person sees it on their computer, 10 to 20 seconds have passed. Reach-in has developed an integrated hardware/software solution that gives you the ability to see, and control, anything over the internet; in true real time. 

With our proprietary minimal latency video of <400 milliseconds, we distribute live video streams to millions of viewers. Not only do we have near zero video delay, we also allow internet users to physically control objects (actual devices) at the location they are viewing with a simple keystroke. This provides a link between the digital and physical worlds by enabling anyone to control physical devices from their computers and view the room they are looking at from across the web in real time. The value provided is complete control of cameras and camera angles as well as the ability to move mechanical objects directly inside in the room you are viewing, regardless of where you are. Users are not “trapped behind the glass” with Skype and video conferencing, and our approach requires no downloads, no software, no special hardware, and runs directly “in browser”. 

Try one of our flagship products called iPetCompanion, which allows people to interact with live animals in humane societies across the country and has reached over 2MM animal lovers who play with pets that are available for adoption. Or try our Boise State Live demo by clicking the icon below to see an example of controlling devices over the internet. 

To learn more about our company see our About page, or take a look at some of the Press coverage on past projects. This is not virtual reality, it's real.  Everything we do is live, in real-time, and controlled by the user.  


Click the logos below to see some of our live (available to the public) sites running now with Reach-in technology.
Click the logos below to see some of our live (available to the public) sites running now with Reach-in technology.
Reach-In technology can be applied in many areas: 

  • Medical - triage with expert supervision from anywhere      
  • Education - remote teaching; physical interaction
  • Sports - let fans participate in on-field promotion activities
  • Gaming - real, live games; no animations.  Real Action.
  • Aquariums - swim with the penguins, sharks, and dolphins.  safely.
  • Pets - dog and cat playtime fun 
  • PublicityLet people physically touch your new product from the web 
  • Events - let wedding guests be part of your ceremony from abroad 


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