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About Reach-in

Reach-in has a unique technology that can control almost any mechanical device over the internet instantly, and view that interaction in real time.  Beginning development in 2003, this technology allows any user of the internet the ability to control physical devices anywhere in the world from their computers.  This can be used for safety purposes, factory or plant management, or even allow experts in a field (from construction to triage surgery) to physically help others that are geographically separated.  They can point out trauma sites on a patient, open or close safety valves on an oil rig, or even direct fish migration by opening and closing directional gates in a hatchery or river.  All of this without having to leave their home or office.  The applications are limitless.  


This technology is also used for marketing purposes.  One of our flagship products is called iPetCompanion, which  is wholly owned by Reach-in, and utilizes this capability to interact with live animals over the web. 

Plug n' Play Remote Control
Scott Harris - Founder

Scott Harris, a thirteen-year veteran in the semiconductor industry noticed that, when factory machinery stopped working, costs for recovery were staggering. While experts were flown in to fix the problem, the solution was often straightforward enough that it could have been fixed remotely, (if that were possible at the time.) As such, he set out to create the world's first, real-time mechanical and visual interactions over the internet.

Do Apply Reach-In technology to their customized solution on a controlled basiseir objectives

Plan Work with the Customer or Partner to ensure that we’re fulfilling their objectives

Check Ensure that the Technology works seamlessly in this application

Act Roll the solution out to-Market with fanfare and applause

Review Do a complete post-launch recap to verify objectives were met or exceeded



Watch Now

Our application is pre-configured so it arrives at your facility ready to go. The components use proprietary Reach-In data transfer protocol to achieve a perfectly synched, robotic action with video monitoring over the web—all in real time. These components typically include:

We build the site for you, nothing needed from the Customer except plugging-in and positioning

Video Stream

Reach-In Hardware: control box, moveable objects, camera

We will consider reducing components to microchips, given the application.  If you have a Website and would like to help us promote the adoption of shelter pets or would like to promote Reach-in's unique technology, you may right click on the logos below and save them for use on your home page. 

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