• Control a spotlight at a live gig of your favourite band
  • Create a viral sensation with physically interactive online marketing campaigns
  • Let friends who can't attend, blow bubbles remotely at your wedding
  • Appeal to every generation with simple but fun online controls

Make your event or product come to life
for your online fans

When you’re looking to reach customers, nothing is better than letting people see and physically touch your product. 

  • Drive Revenues - Increase sales through online product interactions
  • Promote eCommerce - Average time per site visit of 37 minutes (industry average approx. 1-3 minutes)
  • Invigorate Social Media - Increase “likes” over 250%

Reach-In Media
enables virtual test drives in real-time, at any time, through the web. Your shop window never closes. Let all customers Reach-In with your next marketing campaign, or promotional event. 

To see how Reach-In Media can enter your campaign or event, contact us.

"We used Reach-In technology in order to have potential donors watch, listen and interact with the 11 live bands we had playing in the studio over the course of our two week Radiothon. 

The response was enormously successful and I believe contributed to Radio Boise reaching our donation goals.  It just added so much more to the donors experience when a user could join live in the studio with the band, light up the applause sign, spot lights and zoom in on the musicians."
~ Jeff Abrams, Station Manager Radio Boise
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