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Kong, the premier provider of pet toys, is the sponsor of iPet Companion in 2012. KONG Company is the premier global provider of interactive toys and other products for dogs and cats. The company’s namesake Classic KONG is widely regarded as the “World’s Best Dog Toy” and is recommended by vets, trainers and behaviorists more than any other toy.  Click this link to see how Kong’s Animal Welfare Campaign is helping with adoption rates.

Pet MD™ - the largest online resource for pet health information – has integrated iPet Companion to provide readers with a fun, interactive experience while also raising awareness of adoptable animals looking for forever homes.


PetFinder teamed up with iPet Companion to enrich the lives of shelter cats and kittens. Using the innovative technology and tools, we aim to improve the lives of cats and kittens “in real time” with our participating shelters.


AceCo is a world class provider of machining and assembly services for high-tech industries. AceCo  offers  4- and 5-axis CNC milling, conventional and Swiss CNC lathe turning, as well as provide repair and assembly services for electro-mechanical devices at facilities in the US and Singapore.

Thermal Mannequin Lab

Boise State University, a Metropolitan Research University of Distinction, have created a real-time experiment available to their students world-wide to participate in. The Thermal Mannequin Lab demonstrates the variance in body temperature when wearing different clothing. This research has led to better protective clothing for agricultural and other outside workers to protect them from the sun.  Click Here to conduct the experiment

Mattel Children's Foundation


Children who are in isolation due to chronic medical conditions in Jacksonville FL are now able to have “pet therapy” with adorable furry friends at a local shelter miles away.  Reach-in’s  “iPet Companion System” is connected to 162 hospital rooms throughout the hospitals recovery wing allowing children to play with animals from their hospital beds.  This was made possible by a grant from the Mattel Children’s Foundation and is for private use only.  A detailed description of the project can be found here


Fiberpipe provides -quality video distribution and internet services for a variety of our business needs.  See Fiberpipes’ homepage for more details. 

Music by Matthew Vander Boegh

Matthew Vander Boegh is a songwriter/composer whose musical expertise has enriched the online experience for several of Reach-Ins’ websites and customers.  His music has been used in national and local projects

Projects:  Here are some of the projects where we have applied Reach-In technology

Seattle Children's™

Seattle Children's Hospital and Reach-In created a special experience for children that have extended stays as they receive treatment to fight cancer.  The Staff at the hospital work hard to keep these stays as fun as possible knowing that  when spirits are lifted, medical outcomes are better!   Reach-in was honored to provide the technology that allowed these physical, and personal interactions for the kids. See a clip of the project here

Dive Commander

Online physically interactive submarine controlled over the web!  Take control of the sub and find clues to answer nautical questions in this unique aquatic environment!

Live Diver

Swim with some of the most beautiful creatures on earth.  Your computer becomes a "command and control center" as you pilot a commerical grade ROV (remote operated vehicle) inside of a real live Shark Tank!  You can surface, dive and fly the ROW throughout the habitat to get an unparalleled live underwater experience.  Click here to take control and dive with the marine life!

Radio Boise: Live Band Interactive

Radio Boise is a community radio station, which relies on donations for funding. Each year they host a two week Radiothon with live bands coming into the studio to help build awareness and raise donations for the station. During May 2012, Radio Boise leased the Reach-In equipment so listeners could go on-line and control a camera and objects in the live studio as bands were playing.  See the event


Enables online users around the world to play with kittens, in real-time, that are available for adoption at Humane Societies and Animal Welfare Organizations throughout the United States.  iPet Companion™ is a trademark of Reach-in LLC. Visit website here.  


Hired by the innovative marketing firm Fosforus of Austin Texas, Reach-In technology was used to give online users the ability to interact with the stars of the Friskies Plus Playhouse event in Los Angeles CA.  (see video)

Live With Lacey

Live with Lacey is a free workout Monday thru Friday for anyone and everyone who wishes to live healthier.  Every workout is live, every workout is free, and every workout is in real-time.  (She’s actually doing it with you – live.)  It’s a free personal trainer that comes to your living room every day!  Click here to begin a healthier lifestyle.

Boise State University - Be @ Hospital

Reach-in set up a demonstration at Boise State University to show experts in Croatia and Hong Kong how they can gather in one room and physically interact with one another regardless of the geographical distance.  See more here

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