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Have your friends and family at the wedding, even if they can't travel!

We all have friends and family that cannot travel to our weddings.  Reach-In solves that problem.  From anywhere in the world your friends and family can see, and physically participate, at your wedding.  Our technology goes beyond Skype... it allows physical participation from anywhere on the web.


  • Save money - For the price of one airline ticket All your friends can be at your wedding.

  • Interact - Control the camera.  Move left, right, up, down, zoom and control mechanical devices at the venue (Bubble machines, lights and streamers as examples).

  • Online Photo Album - Take instant photos directly on your screen. Then save the best photos to the couples photo album for them to enjoy after the wedding.        
  • Contribute to the couples honeymoon - Send the couple a monetary gift to help them enjoy their honeymoon.
  • Wishing Well - Send personal messages to the couple from the online wishing well.

  • Couples Story and Schedule of Ceremony - View the couples story of how they met and view the wedding ceremony and reception time frame.

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Example Wedding Website

click here to try out an example website of an actual wedding utilizing the Reach-in Wedding Technology.


“I had family in Chicago and they all couldn’t fly out.  They plugged their computer into their big-screen TV and made a party of it.  Amazingly they were able to participate at our reception from half way across the country.  This was an invaluable addition to our wedding, and for our family!”

~Lacey Vander Boegh 

“I was deployed overseas during my best friend’s wedding and was terribly upset I couldn’t be there.  This was definitely the next best thing.  I actually felt like I was able to attend the reception.”

~Sgt, C. Lemmings

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