The benefits of using Reach-In technology revolve around allowing people to essentially be in two places at once - from where they are to wherever the web reaches.

This enables adventures such as playing with an Australian kangaroo from London or having a New York surgeon consult in Hong Kong - without having to travel.

Ultimately, Reach-In technology will help move more of your product by making it available, for demonstration and use, over the web.

What is new and unique about this Technology?

Reach-In is the only online application available that allows you to visually and robotically interact over the internet in real time. Our live DEMO page displays this best. This technology is brand new to the market.


Can this be used on my tablet and/or phone?

You can view our interactive sites on any device that supports the Silverlight plug-in.  Cellular technology is typically slow for processing real-time (Live) video, however, with the emergence of 4G we are keeping tabs on when this will be fully functional on cellular devices.

What is the User experience?

Unique experiences lead to lasting memories. This is the basis of Reach-In Technology. We give each individual user a unique experience with one of a kind events, in real-time. The ability to be in one place and physically interact in another part of the world is truly a surreal experience.


How do people respond after using this technology?

With great enthusiasm! Because it has never been done before, we take every chance to let consumers know that the images in the video feed are real and are not of a virtual world. Once they grasp this, they tend to feel intensely connected with what they were interacting with - whether these are animals, other people, your products ...

How can this technology benefit my company?

Reach-In will drive more people to your website more often and keep them there longer. It fosters more viewers to your site, through viral propagation, allowing your revenue model to increase via advertising, sponsorship, and increased traffic to your page. This is a unique implementation that stands out on the web, and stands out in people’s minds.

Installing this technology can greatly increase:

  • Product Sales
  • Donations / Sponsorships / Conservation / Awareness
  • Online Traffic
  • Web Presence
  • Brand Awareness
  • Social Networking Buzz

What is iPet Companion?

iPet Companion™ is a revolutionary new application of Reach-In technology that lets people play with pets through the internet – from anywhere in the world! This technology combines robotic pet toys with an internet-based user interface. Live installations can currently be accessed through www.ipetcompanion.com – so go and play for free yourself!

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